There’s this weird thing happening in the world, something that makes me squirm. I’m not one to blow things out of proportion, and I make fun of myself all the time (seriously, I’m a ditz), but the whole ginger phenomenon is kinda…strange.

The ginger thing went viral with South Park, which translated into worldwide Kick-A-Ginger Day. I mean, kids actually got beaten up because of their hair colour. Of course, Hug-a-Ginger Day was established as retaliation, but it never really got any attention.

Then there’s this dude, the “GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS” dude. He doesn’t blink, EVER, throughout his speech. Whether it’s a sham or the real thing, he “unwittingly” started a viral campaign ridiculing redheads and ended up being the perfect representation of exactly what South Park was poking fun at. I mean, I laughed my ass off too. Well, first I cringed. Do you ever read those Youtube comments? Now there are T-SHIRTS.

The absolute most disturbing thing, however, is MIA’s incredibly controversial video for “Born Free.” Pretty sure it was yanked off Youtube for being too graphic, but the link I’ve included should work. Anyway, one of the Matador editors sent it around, so I started watching, realizing immediately why it was so controversial. And then, and THEN…the soldiers round-up a shit-ton of gingers, take them to a field, and shoot the hell out of them. Oh. My. God. Everyone else found it amusing, I wanted to hurl.

I’m not trying to be all “OMG we’re a visible minority, we deserve special rights!” or anything. But there’s something incredibly uncomfortable about being so singled out. I see it wherever I go, and for the most part, I LOVE it, but I’ve known more than one man who refused to a date a ginger. Just last week, Cailin and I walked into a bar and a drunk man standing by the door said, “I hate gingers.” He was joking, I think. But what are you supposed to say to that? Huh? On the other hand, I rarely walk anywhere without someone complimenting my roots. But holy hell, has the world gone mad?!

Thank GAWD someone created a redhead appreciation festival!

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  1. Carissa says:

    I saw that MIA video a while back and I didn’t realize it was a real thing that was just supposed to be some metaphor or something.. I’ve never heard of the South Park thing…

    Dude, this is all just ridiculous. You don’t let this bother your georgous ginger self for a moment. They’re all just Jealous. I,, for one would kill to be a ginger!

  2. J says:

    I hope that Gingers Have Souls kid is just pranking everyone. Because if not…I think he might need medication.

    Personally, I like being a redhead – always. The only exception being at the beach, in direct sunlight. Then it’s a shitshow.

  3. basia says:

    Red hair is awesome. I did my best to get it once, but unfortunately I was 17 and also wanted blonde streaks and it ended up bubble-gum pink. Nice.

  4. That video was so weird! I have always though red hair was so gorgeous… I don’t know why people would hate other people for hair color in the first place.

    Your hair is beautiful and never let anyone tell you different!!

  5. maggie says:

    Red hair has always been the most uncommon colour in most of the world, and has always had some kind of stigma attached to it… Anne of Green Gables is a good example, that was just over 100 years ago now! It’s not always in a bad light, though.. Jessica Rabbit is a classic sexpot and undeniably a ginger…
    Traits that are uncommon always get noticed and are easy targets… the more uncommon, the easier the target… south park couldn’t really aim for a kick-the-brunette day, when the vast majority of their demographic are likely to be brunettes.. ;)

    personally, i’ve always loved red hair. but i’ve also been obsessively in love with anne shirley since before i could remember….

  6. Kate says:

    People are just stupid. Discrimination for any reason. They’re just jealous. I’m a strawberry blond and my sister is very red headed.

  7. Suzy says:

    As a fellow redhead, I can’t agree more. I usually get complimented on my hair color, but there are always those jerks that like to make fun because you are a rarity. The “Kick A Ginger Day” got me fired up. You have to wonder if it was “Kick a Mexican/Asian/African American Day”, how it would have been perceived in popular media. Facebook kept the group up for the “Kick a Ginger day” which I found appalling. I hardly heard about it here in the US. I want to go to the redhead appreciation festival! Natural redheads will be extinct in 200 years. That will be a sad, sad day.

  8. AdventureRob says:

    That kid in the video is ridiculous, he makes Christianity look as bad as gingers in it to be fair though. Ever since my sister had twin ginger girls, I’ve found myself sticking up for gingers a bit more when the time calls it :-)

  9. linlah says:

    Being left handed was a stigma and now it’s accepted and considered a marker for higher intelligence, I’m thinking a left handed ginger is the next great thing.

  10. PorkStar says:

    What?? I’ve never heard of such things.
    Maybe because NYC has such variety that as long as is a woman and has hair, we love them.

  11. this is peculiar.

    the first time i ever heard anyone refer to redheads as “ginger” was my british bf. i thought that was weird.

    but yea, shooting you all in a field is weirder.

    you win.

  12. admin says:

    Hahaha yeah, I don’t really take any of this stuff seriously, but damn it’s a trend. For the most part, I get nothing but positive feedback for it, but there’s still that scary little seed of doubt. Witch burnings I tell you, witch burnings.

  13. Emily Jane says:

    I can’t watch the video ’cause I’m at work, but I think there’s a decent amount of “pro ginger” people out there. Actually some of my favourite people have red hair – I dated a redhead once too, and my best friend is too and I think she’s gorgeous. I dyed my hair as “ginger” as I could get it once after being on an X Files kick and deciding Gillian Anderson was the most beautiful woman in the world!! And look at Geri Halliwell – she sparked a movement of ginger being cool. These days, two of my favourite TV characters (from Dr. Who!) are both redheads, and they’re strong, intelligent, beautiful women. Gingers FTW :)

  14. snarky says:

    i’m a ginger. it is sometimes annoying b/c i’m not able to blend in with the rest of the people on the street due to my bright red hair and white skin. a lot of guys think i’m hot b/c i’m a redhead; others think my pale skin is ugly; and yet others won’t date me b/c they think i have a bad temper, etc.

    i’m also an actor. having red hair makes you stand out from others, but, i’ve gotten my share of whore roles over the years just b/c of my hair color (and my dancing skills).

    i don’t even want to see the video with redheads getting their butts kicked. ugh. people need to grow up.

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