I’m too tired to write a real post. I haven’t slept since Wednesday, and I’m mortified about my actions involving cheap beer, a man, and text messaging, but here’s a funny photo. I snapped it in Eastern Passage after watching another live taping of “This Hour Has 22 Minutes.”

friend request

I’ve been lingering around Halifax hoping to score a job interview for a sweet position I’m stoked about, but it’s autumn and I only packed Capri pants and sandals. I bought shoes, and I still need a jacket. I’m enjoying the attention I’ve been receiving from members of the opposite sex, and have been chatting with a cute army dude all week whom I met downtown. I’ve been in and out of cafes, bars, and restaurants, having a blast with some new friends. But until a business gets up and running, I need cash and experience. I need some stability. I spent two years paying off $7k of student debt, only to watch it all start coming undone.

But soon, if things don’t work out, it’s time to go home. I really need some pants.

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  1. Pants are overrated! FYI, I am driving to the ferry on the 14th and coming back on the 18th. If you want anything brought back let me know. You just need to arrange getting it to Port Aux Basques (bus?).

  2. admin says:

    Haha, pants are indeed overrated! I think I’ll be flying home, but thanks! Westjet currently has seats available for $58…siiick.

  3. Kyle says:

    That’s all you have in student loans? Holy crap, I should have went to college in Canada.

  4. Awesome picture!

    Come to Miami! It’s 80 degrees and there are no pants required ;P

  5. J says:

    I need pants without holes in them.


  6. maggie says:

    “if things don’t work out”?!?! bullshit. you’re coming home regardless. you have to get your pants. ;P

    you know i’m thinking happy happy thoughts for your interview, though :)

  7. Alexandra says:

    Pants are not overrated. You’d better wear them if you don’t want to catch a cold and see medical bills piling up.

  8. linlah says:

    Sometimes pants are not all their cracked up to be.

  9. Emily Jane says:

    Pants ARE overrated :) That picture is pretty funny, and I’ll be sending good vibes your way that something happens for you soon!

  10. PorkStar says:

    Pants are definitely overrated and so is showering everyday : )

    Now that picture about adding JC to Facebook thing… gives me the creeps.

  11. nashe says:

    Good luck with the pants situation!

    And you just reminded me that I’ll have student debts when I get out of this thing.

  12. Hey Lady! says:

    Personally I love pants, I wear them all year round. Sometimes I wear skirts, but mostly pants…

    Also I really like this post, it reminds me of the way my though process goes, in pieces that are sort of unrelated to each other yet still connected. I feel like I know what you’re talking about though little was said about each thing…

  13. admin says:

    Hahaha Brit, “fuck pants.” So poignant.

    Kyle, noooo, I just meant I’ve paid off $7k of the total amount. It’s still under $30k but dammit.

  14. basia says:

    Good luck on the pants! Love the sign.

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