I realize I’m just a province over, but damn, this world is small. And weird. Mostly weird.

1. While at the Alexander Keith’s birthday bash last week, I caught the eye of a girl who looked extremely familiar to me. The name “Vanessa” clicked in my head. A few moments later she came up to me and said, “You’re from Bay d’Espoir, right?” She’s a friend of a high school friend, who happened to be showing up later, and yes her name is Vanessa. I’m always astounded by my abilities to draw such details when shitfaced.

There were 19 people in my graduating class. Apparently none of us strayed far.

2. That same night, I ran into one of my best friend’s ex-roommates. We were never really friends, but being at a random party in a strange city instantly made us bond. Sorta. (We were both drunk, and she didn’t remember it happened until I tagged her on Facebook, but still.)

3. While ordering poutine at Pizza Corner after a night of bar hopping, Cailin stood talking to a drunken acquaintance who stopped in his tracks, looked at me through his googly-eyes, stole a fry from my container, kissed me on the cheek, and fled the scene.

4. While waiting for a cab outside a hotel, a pizza delivery guy pulled up to deliver a free pizza to the front-desk worker. For some reason, she declined without so much as a “thank-you.” The pizza guy shrugged, handed me the box of pizza, and went on his merry way.

5. At a bar named Boomer’s the other night, I was in the bathroom when a girl approached me and said, “This might sound weird, but is your name Candice?” Again, my uncanny shitfaced ability to pull details from thin air caused me to only blink at her once before answering, “Amanda?” (I shit you not, twice today I forgot to switch over laundry loads until I finally wrapped a hair elastic around my fingers to remind myself, and then promptly forgot anyway.) Turns out she’s a girl I met while visiting one of my best friends in Port Saunders, someone whom I’ve only talked to once or twice, but we agreed to hang out anyway.

Ah, life.

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  1. J says:

    Oh, small world.

    But at least it makes a person feel connected…right?

  2. nashe says:

    The world is a small place..only when it wants to be. :)

  3. and I am still yet to lay eyes on you once.

  4. linlah says:

    We ordered a pizza for pick-up that same night (whenever that was) and when Scout when to get it the driver had taken it away. Was it double pepperoni with light sauce on a pan crust because seriously that’s a long drive.

  5. Mikeachim says:

    The world wants you to feel it’s small, but actually, it’s just weird.

    Also, in the words of Terry Pratchett, one in a million chances occur nine times out of ten.

  6. maggie says:

    the world is all kinds of small and random :) i loves it that way.

  7. Emily Jane says:

    Crazy how small the world can be sometimes! And woot on Mikeachim’s Terry Pratchett reference :)

  8. basia says:

    Dang. I need to hang out more outside of local establishments that may/may not order pizza. Awesome randomness!

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