Figured your favourite ginger ought to wish you a Merry Christmas.

I am your favourite ginger, right?


I mean, I don’t normally need validation about my awesomeness. But sometimes I think it’s okay.

Ms. Maggie and I stood in line-up for about 20 minutes on Sunday waiting to get our pictures taken with Santa. We were hungover and our hair was messy. Kids screamed. During a childhood story, Maggie loudly let slip, “THAT TIME I FOUND OUT SANTA DIDN’T EXIST.”

No one overheard.
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Anyway, turns out Santa is bit of a perv. As soon as we approached, he said, “Finally, some adult conversation!” Mostly we chit-chatted, he asked us about our separate lives. Actually, he asked, “What do you do?” Maggie said, “I’m a veterinarian.” I said, “Nothing.” He kept his arms around us for long after the photo was taken. He told me if I tried hard enough, I could do anything I wanted.

I see why Rudolph prevailed so well.

Packing to head home tomorrow, I’ve started shoving boxes in those sturdy grocery bags to leave at the house. I’m trying to downsize my life, and upgrade. Most of them contain stationery, lots of greeting cards and old photos. I threw out a lot.

It took me nearly 30 minutes to just unload the top shelf of my closet. The sheer task of packing up my life is overwhelming. How much shit does one accumulate in five years? I don’t know if I’m moving yet, but I’m preparing. Now I’m realizing how wasteful we are. Who needs 30 different colours of tissue paper for scrapbooks?

There’s that stupid desktop computer that has been lying broken on my bedroom floor for over a year. I don’t know what to do with it, and nobody will collect it. I found two cards I had given my friends LAST YEAR at Christmas, which apparently went to waste. I’m only giving out one card this year. The ones I bought my family cost $5 each. I’d rather have a beer.

Well, that’s it. Months upon months of preparation for the Big Day, and December 25th shall soon be here. In one day it will all be over. Feliz Navidad! Hope you all have an amazing holiday.

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  1. maggie says:

    I feel kind of special now.

    and could you imagine if some kid had heard me? ahahahaha. like i haven’t already ruined a couple christmases this year… i’m such an awful person ;P

    Anyhow. I know a couple men who went and had their photo taken with that same Santa. He had his hands on their shoulders the same way and also wouldn’t let go at the end. I really think there was a bit of desperate “omg, save me from all the children” going on with that Santa… ;)

    As for downgrading and upgrading… I’ve been there, repeatedly, more than I care to remember… it can be somewhat therapeutic, though – really makes it feel like you’re moving onto a new phase of your life :)

    (ps. maybe it’s because i just watched sleeping beauty. maybe it’s a cat hair. maybe i’m just overly sentimental at this time of year. BUT I MIGHT BE A BIT TEARY EYED RIGHT NOW.)

  2. Kate says:

    I am such a fan of this picture…and so funny! I accumulated so much shit in the past 3 years we’ve lived in this house and 4 years I taught. It’s piled in the garage so my husband can’t park in there…with all the snow I feel a little guilty…not that guilty though.

    We don’t use our downstairs of our house…well I use the laundry room, my husband a room to throw his pottery in, we have a guest room, and then there’s a huge entertainment room with a wet bar. Why we thought it would be a good idea to buy a house with a wet bar when we knew we wanted kids right away is beyond my comprehension now. I think I’m going to clean out that room and put all the shit down there. Hopefully I will be throwing a lot of it too. I’m nothing if not a pack rat.

  3. Kate says:

    Oh and you and my sister are my favorite “gingers.” That must be a Canadian thing. My plan is to have as many kids as it takes until we get a red-head. Finn has strawberry blond hair like me, but it will probably morph into brown hair like his dad before he’s too old. Bummer.

  4. Teacher Girl says:

    I love that you gals went to see Santa! That is adorable. I know what you mean about packing up your life and realizing what you’ve accumulated. I was just thinking the other day that when/if I ever have to/ want to move out of my house, it is going to be a freakin’ mission. I think my room alone might take days. It’s funny how wasteful we can be. Like you said, do we really need all of those things. Just this morning I came across a pack of candles I’ve had since 2004. Really?!

    Good luck and have a fabulous holiday. Just remember, you are awesome regardless of what happens.

  5. nashe says:

    Of course you are my favourite ginger!! Do you have to ask!?

    I hate the thought of having to clear out my room coz I know there’s a shitload of junk tucked away. Boo.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  6. J says:

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday too, mama! Stay away from the spiked eggnog, ya hear?

  7. Deidre says:

    Happy Holidays!

  8. maggie says:

    ps. obviously you’re my favourite ginger.

  9. linlah says:

    When we got too much stuff we built a shed. I’m telling you right now if you build a shed to store stuff you won’t ever look at consider yourself rooted to one spot.

    I cired when that shed got built.

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