I’ve missed ThatsTangly.com, a place to be myself and share the more ridiculous happenings of my daily life. Believe it or not, my world doesn’t JUST revolve around travel…although it’s fairly close.

And since I am an inherently self-absorbed person (as I suspect most bloggers are), I’ve decided it’s time to revive this place. Rereading through my old archives, I miss that honesty and rawness that comes with just not giving a shit about who’s reading.

So maybe there’ll be snippets of conversation, or thoughts, or short stories. Maybe there’ll be weeks with nothing…just blog…silence. But today seems like an appropriate time as any to start with this lewd Facebook conversation shared last night. I wonder what the professionals think.

lewd fb convo

I love my friends.

P.S. This site needs work. I’m aware of this.

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  1. maggie says:

    bahahahahahahaha. I’ve read this conversation half a dozen times and it still kills me ;D
    also, super pumped that’s tangly is back ;D

  2. Kate says:

    YEA!!YEA!!YEA!! Oh my goodness, thanks for the laugh!

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