This topic came to me last night when I showed my friends this image:

Occupy Mordor

And one of my friends responded with “Lord of the Rings sucks.”

I didn’t say anything, because I like Lord of the Rings. I’ve read the books. But I can understand why someone else might think LOTR sucks: the books are long, the story is tedious, and Elijah Wood has all the sex appeal of a—well—hobbit.

This isn’t a slight at my friend, whom I adore and is one of my BFFs. I’ve just noticed this tendency of automatic dismissal among many people. I had one friend declare himself as a social media expert, and then he said “Twitter sucks.”

Right in front of me.

Just like that.

Cailin (also extremely active on the Twitter) was standing next to me, and we didn’t even know how to respond. Twitter sucks? Twitter SUCKS?

I get the LOTR thing. I mean, I read the books, and I enjoyed them, but for fucksakes Tolkien take it down a notch. The same goes for most classic literature I read… I hate 70% of classic lit, including Jane Austen. I think Charles Dickens was a long-winded old fogey. I feel like many people who read classic literature do so because they feel they have to, but I recognize the literary merit in such writing and acknowledge that my tastes are different from others. Superior, but different.

Use the word with care. Things don’t suck because you think they suck.

Except Twilight. Twilight sucks.

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  1. I had to weigh in on this issue. I just could not let it slide by without a comment.

    I believe anyone who uses terms like “sucks” “blows” or other descriptor for disliking something is only showing their inherent ignorance and limited vocabulary. I say the same to my teenaged nephew who claims things are “gay” if he does not like them or calling people “fags” if they do or say anything he does not comprehend. A habit I am desperately trying to break him of before some “fag” breaks his legs.

    But back to the point, what is your friend – whom I am sure is a great person – saying about themselves when they dismiss something in such an juvenile way? All I hear is “Hi, I dislike but lack the skills to better express myself or explain my stance. Please ignore my comments”

    As for self-proclaimed experts, especially the social media kind! Get real! Saying it don’t make it so bub. Enjoy that shot in the foot.

    • admin says:

      Well, I think it’s a little unfair to paint everyone with the same brush as well. My friend is more than capable of explaining why LOTR sucks (which I’m sure she’d LOVE to do, given the chance), but who really wants to get into a long discussion about it?

      “Life sucks”


      “I’m experiencing some difficulties in my life at the moment as the government and student debt are penalizing me for not being raised in a wealthy family able to afford my own education, and yet I cannot find find employment after five years of school and my only option is to work in a brothel.”

      The FAG thing though, yeah. Shoot him in the foot.

      • “Life sucks” when you know the person and the things going on in their lives vs. “Life sucks” with absolutely no context…. yeah, the latter still sounds stupid.

        The latter would be much better summarized as life is challenging, difficult, not going so well, etc. In the context of your original post your BFF could have said “Lord of the Rings was boring to me”, or to long, or what ever.

        Life sucks just sounds like life, or existence in general, is bad.

        Personally I just suck it up and refrain such statements unless I am willing to expand on why, in an adult way. If all I can say is that life sucks I just won’t say anything at all because clearly I have bigger problems if I can’t express myself in a meaningful way.

  2. Teacher Girl says:

    Yes, Twilight does suck.
    I just had this discussion with DD yesterday as he was saying that New York City “sucks”. I got very annoyed with him since NYC is my birth place, where most of my family lives, and one of my favorite places on Earth. I tried to get him to intelligently say what he disliked about NYC, but of course he didn’t. Great post!

  3. linlah says:

    I do not read the Classic’s because I too have superior taste in literature, you know like any old Archie comic will do.

    Glad you’re here again.

  4. nashe says:

    Basically, nothing can “suck” unless you’ve experienced it in some way. ^^

  5. maggie says:

    let’s not forget the other friend in the room that night, who still giggles every time she sees that picture. . . ;D
    (and, you know, I don’t think I’ve actually read the entire LoTR… my brother had it as one mega book, all 3 bond in one, and it was so f’in heavy I gave up…)

    but, yeah, I get a bit bristly when people just declare something “sucks” just because they don’t like it. (and I clearly remember that twitter moment, and am still amazed neither of you punched him. . . ).
    I get that not all people like cats, for example, but telling me they ’suck’ is not going to get you anywhere. Clearly I don’t agree with you. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but there’s way to express it without pretty much insulting anyone who has a different opinion.. (ie saying “lotr is not really my thing”. . . so that those of us in the room who’s thing it totally is don’t feel quite so much like losers ;) )

    for the record, i read jane austen because i legit love the books. they’ve all been reread at least 3 times. :P
    (dickens, on the other hand, i totally read because i feel like i should. . . )

    also, i saw a quote from stephen king about hp vs twilight today that made me giggle:
    “Harry Potter is all about confronting fears, finding inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.”

  6. admin says:

    omg. that’s exactly why i LOOOOOVE stephen king.

  7. Kate says:

    Oh hell’s to the no…Twilight DOES NOT SUCK. And now I am revoking my friendship with you.

    Just kidding.

    I guess everyone experiences everything through their perspective, so what might suck to you, might not suck to me. It’s just about respecting people’s right to have a difference of opinion. However, saying “insert something here” SUCKS, it’s making a blanket statement–making it seem like you therefore must also think it sucks. Maybe instead, we should practice saying…

    sometimes I believe I might feel that “insert something here” SUCKS SWEATY HAIRY BALLS.

    Just saying, it’s another option. ;)

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